16 dicembre 2013

New talents interview: TWINS by Begović & Štimac

I almost had to learn croatian. Yes, because is so difficult to find materials about these young designers in another language that isn't their. I met Damir Begovic on Facebook because he is fan of my page, the Fashionismyway one. He is one of the most important fans, not because some fans are better than others, but because he's one of the few one that always likes my posts. Then I found that he's a designer and from this I started to be his fan (not only on Facebook). He has a label with his friend Stimac and this year they won in the category of best young fashion designers at the ELLE STYLE AWARDS of their country, Croatia. This is not an award for everybody, in fact they have a lot of talent. It's not easy to be rewarded when you're too young into the big world of fashion. The brand is called TWINS by Begović & Štimac. They are a duo: Damir Begovic and Domagoj Stimac. An eclectic duo. Begović says "We met in Osijek where we went in the same high school. School for textile, design and applied arts." they worked together at some school project then "we started (with the line) this year in April when we presented our first collection inspired by Afrika on Schwarzkopf Cro a Porteru". So, obviously they're not really TWINS "we named our brand twins because we are almost same looking...but on the other side different". They are so young that they still have no a idea of the style of their works, "Stimac and I both have 22 years. And beacuse of that we are explorers, we like to experiment with untypical materilas for clothing. We are eclectic. Twins woman is elegant and feminine and she is not afraid of new things and strange couture pieces of clothing." Experimentation is the key. But, an awards is already on their wall "The nomination at Elle Style Awards was suprise and we didn't expect to won because we appeared this year on croatian fashion scene and we represent only one collection. But we were very happy and proud of ourselves and our work, design and all time spend on sewing machine!". At the question “what's your favorite designer?” they say that they love John Galliano and Alexander McQueen but they dream an internship at Dolce and Gabbana. In fact, what's better than learn to work together with one of the most cool duo of fashion? 
I already said that they're just at the beginnings of their fashion travel, but Begovic's ideas about last collection were really clear “First collection was inspired by Africa. African tribes, people, smells, customs and colors. We used different materilas to show how we understend Africa. We used beer caps and then we straightened them and color them in white or black. After that we saw them on clothes like jackets or skirts, pants. The second collection was inspired by Mark Twain's story "The prince and the pauper". We wanted to presend clothes inspired by rich and poor people. We started with poor ones. We used darker colors like brown and green and carpets which were used like wall decorations by our grandmothers. In second part we had like midle class mix of poor and rich people. We use jute and gold details. In last rich part we used rich ad big wall carpet for coats and clocks. The have like print of deers and peacocks!". Their woman is classy with a big personality. I loved the idea of feathers on the head of the models in contrast with very chic silk or chiffon shirt. They gives an interesting touch to everything. In fact I've to say that the details makes the difference. Often, in fashion, we misused words like "sophisticated" and "glamour", but now, in this case, I've to say that they're the perfect words for TWINS by Begović & Štimac collections. I loved this brand from the first "click" on the FB page and I wish them luck. Milan is waiting for them.

 You can find them here on Facebook

Yours Cristina L