7 agosto 2012

Tribute to Anna Piaggi (1931-7 Agosto 2012)

"23 anni di lavoro insieme, migliaia di D.P. realizzate insieme. Ti ricorderò sempre Anna."
Franca Sozzani 

Asked in 1998 if she dressed for work the same way she dressed for fashion shows, Piaggi replied, “Also for the supermarket. My life is quite normal. But I enjoy dressing all the time.”

“She is the only authority on frocks left in the world! Her pages are the reason to read Vogue...Every month is a shock. She knows exactly what is going to happen. She is modern beyond belief.”

Manolo Blahnik 

“We love Anna! She is a true style icon, a woman who has a personal and recognisable style. She is creative, eccentric and unpredictable, with a great knowledge of the history of fashion.”
Dolce e Gabbana

“It doesn't have to be Dior with Anna. She's always worn 1920s shoes with Dolce trousers and a vintage Patou coat and a plastic belt, and a ski pole for a walking stick and crazy blue hair and a funny hat. She's about the possibility of what fashion can be. It's not about chic, or a grand gesture, as it was with Diana Vreeland. With Anna it's about fun and interest and frivolity. It's her crazy jumble of things. But it's actually not at all crazy and not at all a jumble. It's very disciplined.”
Stephen Jones

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Love it, can't wait to see what you do next! Come check out my blog, maybe we can follow each other!
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Oh to Be a Muse ha detto...

Thanks for the tribute to Anna. May she rest in peace.

By Larissa ha detto...

Great blog dear.
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Preity Lama Tamang ha detto...

Great post!! Definitely the fashion industry lost one of an amazing fashion icon.

Lorenzo Bises ha detto...

Nessuno più di Stephen Jones poteva ricordarla meglio.