25 agosto 2010

Bleu De Chanel

Martin Scorsese directs the new movie for the new Chanel's fragrance "Bleu de Chanel" . The protagonist is the French sexy actor Gaspard Ulliel (Hannibal) who plays a rebellius young actor talking of his life. "She said Yeah" of Rolling Stones is the soundtrack. Enjoy it!
Martin Scorsese dirige il nuovo spot della nuova fragranza Chanel "Bleu de Chanel". Il protagonista è il giovane e sexy francese Gaspard Ulliel (che ha recitato in Hannibal) che interpreta un giovane attore ribelle. La canzone di sottofondo, insieme al colore blu, è "She said Yeah!" dei Rolling Stones. Godetevi lo spot!

Yours Christine Lilwood

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Couture Carrie ha detto...

Love it!


CIARA ha detto...

lovely post!

i love your blog i now follow you =]
feel free to follow back =]


ching ha detto...

martin scorsese always does a good job even in movies and in commercials.

cool fragrance.

Janelle ha detto...

thanks for your comment on my blog. hope you follow my blog if you liked it. thanks, hun! :)


My Republic of Fashion ha detto...

It is fabulous!! :)sarahD

Miri ha detto...

Ahh I love Chanel ads! They are always to pretty :)

Heather ha detto...

What a fun ad! so cheeky :)
I'm off to follow you on bloglovin !

Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse ha detto...

i've never seen this. great ad!

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Rae ha detto...

Hey thanks for the comment you left on my blog I really appreciate it. Great post! Feel free to follow my blog back if you like!


La Jodi3 & La Couture ha detto...

cool post... and love the blog!!!!

Sibila Losada ha detto...

HANDSOME GIASPARD AND AWESOMEST SOUNDTRACK EVER! Love the song! Loved your popst and your blog at the most! I loved the pics you have on the sidebar, on "fashion icons" saction. The third one from de bottom is Sasha Pivovarova, one of my favourite models, I know it cuz it's one of her greatest pics! ahahah sorryy.. Im always talking too much! I apologize :)
best regards!



Federica ha detto...

E' bellissimo questo 'spot' (lo metto tra virgolette perch è sembra un mini-film, e non una banale pubblicità per la tv, eheh!)

Jade "Purple" Brown ha detto...

great campaign :)


Ddays Of Our Lives ha detto...

Scorsese!! He is just a legend, a genius.