1 maggio 2010

Christine Lilwood and Morphine Jude: MY BIRTHDAY PARTY

It Was Amazin! My party was amazin. Everything was fabulous... the place, my dress, my hair, the peolple and music! I just wanna show you some pictures. My pictures with Morphine Jude too.
At first i wanna show you this...My best friends made this for me. That's a board for signatures and dedications. At the end of my party it was full of signatures.
But also it was my "Lady Gaga" night.
And at last...my cake!
With my best friends.
Yours Christine Lilwood

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Under the Fluorescents ha detto...

wow you are so lucky to have such a nice and talented friend! are you 18? if so happy late birthady! thanks for checking out my blog and i love the gaga bow! how did you do it?